James Odell


International consultant specializing in applying object-oriented and agent-based techniques to build intelligent process- and event-aware business systems.

As a business architect, some of the domains
in which I have been involved include:
·  Resource management (using agent-based technology and complex adaptive systems).
  Financial Services (straight-through processing, corporate actions processing)
·  Health Care (interoperability of health care information and processing)
·  Manufacturing (business process re-engineering, automated reconciliation)
·  Defense (business semantics including
rules, context, vocabulary)
·  Utilities (reference/data management (MDM) architecture and lifecycle management)

So, what does all this mean and do for me?
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New book: BPM, The Next Wave, co-authored with Jim Sinur and Peter Fingar.
See http://mkpress.com/aoBPM/

Other books, see:

James Odell

My commercial work involves understanding, communicating, and developing business systems and standards — especially those involving intelligent business process (iBPM), data and meta-data modeling, event-driven approaches (EDA/CEP), applied ontology, multiagent systems (MAS), and complex adaptive systems (CAS). These business systems can and do include software, machines, and people.

James Odell
3646 W. Huron River Drive
Ann Arbor, MI 48103-9489 USA

James Odell: +1 (734) 994-0833
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