James Odell


Currently, am mostly retired, but often take on side projects. Am an:

International consultant specializing in applying object-oriented and agent-based techniques to build process- and event-aware business systems.

My commercial work involves understanding, communicating, and developing business systems and standards — especially those involving "intelligent" business process (iBPM), data and meta-data modeling, event-driven approaches (EDA/CEP), applied ontology, multiagent systems (MAS), complex adaptive systems (CAS), and Internet of Things (IOT). These systems can and do include software, machines, and people.

James Odell

Latest book: BPM, The Next Wave, authored with Jim Sinur and P. Fingar.
See http://mkpress.com/aoBPM/

Other books, see:

James Odell
Ann Arbor, MI USA
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